Who are we, and how can we help?

Xuridisa is a “silent brand” in the market. We generally partner with system integrator customers, transparently providing services into their enterprise customer base.  You’ll see looking at the customer page the sorts of organisations we are working in.

Consulting Services

Resource as a Service

We are often engaged to provide consulting or implementation services for “special projects”, or to provide additional resource on a per project basis.

Common engagements include:

  • Design and implementation of compute and storage platforms
  • Virtualisation design, build and management
  • Network deployment
  • Backup and disaster recovery


The objective of our automation services are the reduction, or complete removal, of human effort to perform repetitive tasks. The result for our customers are both significant reduction in staff costs, and more importantly increased customer satisfaction.

When thinking about development of any automation we are always thinking about the future, making the result as extensible as possible. In essence considering the next evolutions to the application, and trying to develop in a way that enables extensibility, and not just achieving the immediate outcome as quickly as possible.

Automated Order Processing

The following are just of the few examples to highlight the type of work that we’re previously done to benefit our customers.

We have built a complete automation suite (in PHP) for the Magento ecommerce platform. The automation performs complete virtual product fulfilment of the popular Magento ecommerce platform. The automation interfaces directly with the customers internal databases, and also external services providers, to automatically fulfil all virtual product orders.

This has resulted in literally thousands of hours of human effort being avoided, resulting in massive cost savings over many years.

Their customers are also getting there orders satisfied in a matter of minutes, which is significant as this customer operates in different timezones from their customers.

Azure Automation

When we started doing Azure platform management services with one of our system integrator customers our keystone customer had serious availability issues with their SaaS application, specifically memory leaks which were causing the Cloud Service instances to run out of memory and eventually cause outages.

We quickly developed some automation scripts that would reboot all instances of an Azure Cloud Service before the memory leak could cause an outage. A critical aspect of the automation was to allow enough time between rebooting each instance for the services to recover before moving on to additional instances. This automation significantly increased customer satisfaction overnight.

SFTP File Transfer Engine

We were working in an organisation that provides an airline CRM SaaS application. A critical aspect of that CRM application is to import and export data for use by other airline systems.

One of their customers had to use the SFTP file transfer protocol, which was not natively supported by the application. We created a collection of PowerShell scripts that managed the bidirectional exchange of these critical files between the airline customers and a repository that the CRM application could access.

This automation has now been deployed for multiple airline customers, and is executed on a schedule over twenty thousand times (you read that right) times a day!

Linux Management

There are a number of automation related projects we’ve done in our Linux platform management practice. Just a few examples:

  • Geographic RSYNC backups of hosted Linux servers back to a central location
  • Daily backups of MySQL databases; automatically adapting for database additions and removals
  • Creation of Apache site configs based of templates; used hundreds of times on our managed hosting platform