Servers, Desktops & Laptops

Xuridisa is able to provide server, desktop, laptop and workstation hardware from the worlds most respected brands (IBM, Lenovo, HP and SuperMicro).  More importantly to your bottom line we are able to supply product at very competitive prices.

If assistance is required to build and commission any equipment our experienced team is ready and able to help.  If your organisation has an internal team we are happy to work with, or assist, them with specific implementation services.


Xuridisa has a wealth of experience with all forms of storage infrastructure. From the most complex fibre channel installations, iSCSI, NFS, and of course simple block storage for local servers.

Storage availability, performance and scalability is paramount to an organisations critical business systems. Along with network infrastructure storage is one of the key infrastructure items which “feeds the machine” in virtualised or transactional systems.


Xuridisa have built and maintained some diverse and complex network environments for our customers.  Specifically our team has designed, implemented and supported networks that provide multi tenant access, where security and separation is essential.

Leveraging our partnerships with network service providers we are able to design and support corporate WAN infrastructure, providing Layer 2 and 3 services as required.

Another of our core competencies is the design, implementation and ongoing management of complex firewall platforms.